Frequently Asked Questions


⭐️How does this service work?
We are a team of photographers who decided to offer quick, easy, and affordable photo editing of your baby pictures. You pick-up which background you like, send us the baby picture and we will do the editing during 2 Days.

⭐️How long does it take? 
You will receive it by email within 2 days after your order. (Most of the time we deliver the pictures during 24 hours )

⭐️How many pictures I will receive? Depending on which package you will choose.

⭐️What if I don't like them?  We aim to keep our customer satisfaction at 100%, and the photo editors are all newborn photographers who know very well their job.
We are always happy to do 1 Round of revision and fix the comments you have till you will be happy with the result.

⭐️How many pictures will be used for editing? 
You can submit up to 8 pictures, but the editor will choose one which works best and will use it for editing.

⭐️What if the pictures I submitted are not good? 
Our team will contact you shortly and will ask to submit another one :)

⭐️Privacy Assured: Most important for me, is that our customers feel confident and trust us. I can assure you that the pictures you are sharing with me, will be removed completely from my PC after the delivery. Most I care about is let my customers happy with the final delivery.

Due to the nature of the content, digital files cannot be returned.

By purchasing, you automatically understand, agree to, and accept these terms and conditions.